Heenan's Hall

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Bobby Heenan is not only the first, unanimous pick to Wrestling With Friend's version of a Hall of Fame, he's the Hall's namesake itself. Bobby mastered all facets of the very sport we love: announcing, wrestling, and most importantly, managing. Bobby has been credited by Hulk Hogan himself for being the man who was really behind Hulkamania, from when he was Hogan's antagonist in the AWA managing champion Nick Bockwinkel, to following him into the WWF and pitting his men against the Immortal One in back-to-back Wrestlemanias. Though Heenan was a 'heel' for most of his existence in the wrestling realm, he's beloved by millions for his quick wit and memorable rapport with Gorilla Monsoon on WWF syndicated shows like Wrestling Challenge and Prime Time Wrestling. Though his passion dwindled in his final years due to being surrounded by less-than-remarkable co-hosts in men like Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko, ham-n-eggers and nine-to-fivers everywhere will always remember their favorite weasel for his humor and those sparkly jackets.

List of Episodes

Episode 03: Austin 3:16
Episode 07: Birth of Hulkamania
Episode 11: The Rise of Extreme
Episode 15: Force vs. Object
Episode 19: The Ultimate Push
Episode 25: "Mean" Gene
Episode 30: Schiavone's Call
Episode 35: Alundra "Blayzes" the Belt
Episode 40: Ladies and Gentleman
Episode 44: These Birds You Cannot Change
Episode 50: Gorilla Monsoon
Episode 62: Austin/Hart Double Turn
Episode 70: Eric Bischoff

Episode 03

Austin 3:16 Promo

Other nominations:
nWo Backstage Vignettes
Howard Finkel

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Episode 07

Birth of Hulkamania

Other nominations:
Mae Young
Survivor Series 1998

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Episode 11

The Rise of Extreme

Other nominations:
Miss Elizabeth
Y2J Wins the Undisputed Title

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Episode 15

Wrestlemania Moment: Hogan Slams Andre

Other nominations:
Macho Man & Elizabeth Reunite
Ric Flair's Retirement Match

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Episode 19

The Ultimate Push

Other nominations:
Jim Cornette
CM Punk's Pipe Bomb Promo

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Episode 25

"Mean" Gene

Other nominations:
Stone Cold's Gun Threat
Lex Luger Invades Nitro

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Episode 30

Schiavone's Call

Other nominations:
Barbershop Window Incident
The Nexus Invades

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Episode 35

Alundra "Blayzes" the Belt

Other nominations:
Jesse "The Body & Mind" Ventura
Shawn Michaels oversells Hogan

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Episode 40

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is...

Other nominations:
The Flock
Y2J's WWF debut

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Episode 44

These Birds You Cannot Change

Other nominations:
Shamrock's Chair Shot
Sting & Flair's Final WCW Match

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Episode 50

Gorilla Monsoon

Other nominations:
Miss Elizabeth (2nd)
Shane McMahon

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Episode 62

Austin/Hart Double Turn

Other nominations:
Kane's Debut
Owen Hart Tribute Match

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Episode 70

Eric Bischoff

Other nominations:
Bret's WCW Debut
Macho & Liz Reunite (2nd)

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