The 3 Friends

Andy Soucek is a recovering Hulkamaniac.

He hasn’t consistently enjoyed a weekly televised wrestling show since the year 2000. But he keeps watching for some reason. This is most likely because of a terrible addiction.

He should probably seek help.

Anyway, Andy wrote for the short lived Pro Wrestling Torch spinoff site The Pro Wrestling Potato before becoming a featured writer at Bleacher Report in 2012 and What Culture in 2013. There, he usually writes about the worst that wrestling has to offer.

He has two cats (one named after a videogame system, the other named after a character from The Neverending Story), a love for Coca-Cola and will destroy you at Tetris or WCW/NWO Revenge for the Nintendo 64.

Erik Bergstrom hasn't seen a more exciting wrestling match than his first one: Bret 'Hitman' Hart vs. Kwang the Ninja. Sure, he's seen better matches. Far better matches. But none have captured the magic and excitement of that first time hours after his parents hooked up cable and he stumbled upon an early episode of Monday Night Raw.

For the smart fan, there was no doubt Bret would beat this no-name hack. But to 8-year old Erik, the threat was very real. And now, that same threat has returned. But it's not Savio Vega in a mask; it's the threat that the same magic he experienced may be lost forever on the youth of today.

That's why, after 10 years out of the game, he's returned with a vengeance and a terabyte of old wrestling videos. He won't destroy you in any video games, but he will sit down next to you with a fresh Sodastream beverage and watch some NWA Saturday Night from 1986.

Blake Steil's love of professional wrestling was born in the Monday Night Wars!

He originally started watching WWF back in '97 just a couple weeks after SummerSlam and started watching WCW soon thereafter.  Since both Raw and Nitro aired Monday nights, he did a lot of flipping between the two shows, but, for a time, his loyalty lied with WCW.  Every week he had to tune in to see if someone was finally able to shut up Hollywood Hogan.  His first pay per view was Starrcade '97, a Christmas gift from his brother, where he witnessed the now infamous "fast count" in the main event first hand.  The mark in Blake argued with his brothers over that finish the rest of the evening.

This loyalty would soon wean as WCW started imploding in on itself.  Gone were the super cool stables like The Flock and The nWo, what remained was crappy, overpopulated stables like the Millionaires Club and The nWo.  He turned back to the WWF and never wanted to think about the WCW again.

When Blake isn't talking, reading, or thinking about wrestling, it's pretty much a safe bet that he's playing a video game of some sort.  He has nine different consoles, if you don't count handhelds, and over 200 games.  He now refers to his collection as a "library."  He considers himself a writer, but hasn't written anything since he graduated college, and that would be funny if it wasn't true.

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