Monday, October 2, 2017


Original Title:
#9 - Rey Mysterio's Butterfly Effect
Original Air Date: 02/14/2014
Segment: Alternate Universe
List Entry: #92

Original Description: Goldberg's streak has been a hotly debated topic with all sorts of fantasy booking heaped on top of it. Well, luckily for you the Friends are here to settle it once and for all in the Alternate Universe. They chat on whether it should have happened, when it should have ended, and each bring 3 of the most viable candidates to do so. They ease the jitters of inter-universal space travel by closing out the show with The List and their #92 picks.

or Direct Download: Classics #9 Alternate Universe: Goldberg's Streak

0:00 - 3:40: Intros

4:50 - 49:58: Alternate Universe: Goldberg's Streak

50:35 - 1:15:37: The List: #92

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  1. My husband likes everything about Goldberg. In fact he bought a costly version of WWE 2017 PS4 game cd because of the presence of Goldberg in the game.