Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Original Title:
#7 - The Gang Warz Are Still Raging On
Original Air Date: 01/31/2014
Segment: Heenan's Hall
List Entry: #94

Original Description: Your Friends return to Heenan's Hall for some feel-good reminiscing and the induction of a third nominee. Only one can go in this week, and things are made difficult when the Friends have to choose between the Hall of Fame career of Mae Young, the Birth of Hulkamania just over 30 years ago, or a turning point that occurred during one of the rare great stories that was Survivor Series 1998. When the dust is settled and the doors to the Hall are closed, the Friends cap off the show with some exciting #94 picks from The List!

or Direct Download: Classics #7 Heenan's Hall: Mae Young, Hulkamania, Deadly Games

0:00 - 7:34: Intros

9:35 - 33:11: Heenan's Hall

34:10 - 59:00: The List: #94

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  1. Done with wrestling honestly, because this is not real anymore and also they don't have any good wrestlers too. But my brother still watches though lol.