Monday, July 17, 2017


Original Title:
#6 - Beaver Cleavage Got Me Blackballed from Christmas
Original Air Date: 01/24/2014
Segment: Judy Bagwell Awards
List Entry: #95

Original Description: Andy and Blake are about to enter the arena to butt heads over their Judy Bagwell Award nominations. Andy takes another stab at it after losing last month to King Mabel, introducing a new pick in his stable--Beaver Cleavage! Will he be Andy's ace-in-the-hole, or will he succumb to Blake's inaugural nomination of an event he claims ruined WCW for good, the Goldberg/Kevin Nash cattle prod debacle? Who comes out with the esteemed award? You'll have to tune in!

or Direct Download: Classics #6 Judy Bagwell Awards: Beaver Cleavage vs. A Cattle Prod

0:00 - 4:01: Intros

6:06 - 28:52: Judy Bagwell Awards

29:50 - 53:10: The List: #95

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  1. Big wrestling fan .I use to watch it with my cousins and siblings ,we just fix our person and enjoy the fight .This is real entertainment and fun watched show