Monday, May 1, 2017


Original Title:
#1 - Buff Bagwell Should Not Be On My TV
Original Air Date: 12/6/13
Segment: Alternate Universe
List Entry: #100

Original Description: Our Weekly Rotating Segment this week is our feature, Alternate Universe, which takes us back to an event, gimmick or storyline and gives us the opportunity to lend our creative ideas to how it could have been better...or in some cases, worse. This week on Alternate Universe is the controversial and doomed Invasion angle, as it was the angle that delivered a huge blow to Blake and Erik's wrestling-watching behaviors, something they're trying to recover from almost 13 years later.

or Direct Download: Classics #1 - Alternate Universe: The Invasion Angle

0:00 - 5:28: Intros

7:05 - 56:18: Alternate Universe: The Invasion

56:48 - 1:22:27: The List: #100

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