Thursday, April 27, 2017


The Friends Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new venture coming from Friends Entertainment, LLC: Wrestling With Friends Classics!

What is Wrestling With Friends Classics? Are we even old enough or of high enough quality to have classics? You're damn right we are! Over the past few months, we've seen demand for old Wrestling With Friends episodes skyrocket. However, these moldy oldies needed a little cleaning up.

Soon you'll be able to hear all our classic moments from our Alternate Universe, Judy Bagwell Awards & Heenan's Hall segments, plus more, all remastered and sounding more GLORIOUS! than ever before. We've also snipped off some of our old news segments to keep them looking and sounding slimmer and more portable.

But Blake, what do I need to do to hear these gems of the past?

Answer: Absolutely nothing! Wrestling With Friends Classics episodes will appear in your podcast feeds, wherever you get them, just like any of our new episodes. As we've gone to bi-weekly releases, they'll fill in those gaps each Monday for when you're craving some more Friends in your life.

Start looking for our first episode next Monday, May 1st. We're going back to where it all began with Episode #1, featuring our first trip to the Alternate Universe and a discussion on the Invasion Angle, along with our #100 List picks! Reminisce, laugh along, and smile at how young and friendly we still were, and relive the journey with us...all over again!

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