Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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The Final 4 presented, perhaps, the most exciting round of the tournament, with a couple of quality underdogs challenging the steamroller #1 and #2 seeds. But in the end, the B+ players couldn't catch a break. #X-SevenWinsLOL was the trending hashtag after its victory when it buried yet another promising challenger in WrestleMania XX. Over on the other side, WrestleMania XXX squashed WrestleMania III's attempt at a cash-in, despite the challenger having the more historic main event. In the end, the short memory of the judges won out, and the old dog laid down for the new kid on its way to the championship final.

After all the hype and dirt sheet rumors, the final fittingly comes down to #1 vs. #2. Will X-Seven keep the powerhouse trend going, or will XXX claim the prize in the end?

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WrestleMania X-Seven finally faced a stiff challenge in the Final 4, but once again dispatched of it rather easily. That doesn't bode well for its challenger in the final, even if it's seeded just below at #2—especially since many analysts are saying that's a bit high for the newcomer. WrestleMania XXX has ridden its success mainly behind one of the most shocking Mania moments ever, along with a satisfying main event. X-Seven, on the other hand, put both of those eggs in one basket with a powerfully-booked main event that ended in a shocking moment. Overall, XXX contains more quality in its matches, but came during a down period for the company. Even so, it had the fortune of being set in the Louisiana SuperDome, which helped its atmosphere nearly rival that of the Attitude Era's defining show.

This one could be a squash, or a slobberknocker. Be sure to find us here on Friday for the final result, announced LIVE on our Friends Cup episode, and see which WrestleMania gets showered in confetti as the greatest ever!

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