Thursday, March 23, 2017


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The Elite 8 finally saw some knock-down, drag-out action, with a few feisty underdogs "wrestling" their way into the coveted Final 4. #1-seed X-Seven came out rather unfazed by #9 XXVIII, but otherwise the other 3 matches saw some late-night, liquor-infused speeches and filibusters. In the end, #5-seed XX finally ended the impressive run by #4-seed X, #2-seed XXX avoided the upset everyone thought they saw coming from #7 X-8, and #6-seed III continued its nostalgia-infused slobberknocking by taking out the universally-enjoyed #3-seed XIX.

The Final 4 is finally here, and there's still some boys to separate from the men. Are there anymore surprises left heading into the big main event next week?

#1 #5

#1-overall WrestleMania X-Seven has had it pretty easy thus far, taking out lowly XV, VII, and XXVIII respectively. Now it comes up against the buzzsaw of #5-ranked WrestleMania XX. Both appear at an even-heat when it comes to match quality, though the environment at X-Seven was decidedly more raucous being in the giant Astrodome and still utilizing Attitude Era heavyweights in Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. However, XX gave us 2 World Title matches for the price of one, and had that old-school WWF feel being in the Garden—something that can't be overlooked. Both coming out of Group B as the top 2 seeds together, everyone wondered what might happen if they ever collided. We're about to find out.

#2 #6

While the heavyweights duke it out in the other match-up, this is the one you might pay money for. One of the newest Manias on record takes on one of the oldest. Both had huge crowds of people, genuinely excited about the spectacle about to befall them. And both were headlined by hot storylines—though, admittedly, for very different reasoning. WrestleMania XXX is probably the better card, top-to-bottom, but WrestleMania III is packed with nostalgic figures from perhaps the peak of WWF golden-era success. It is, after all, what got the underdog #6-seed this far, taking out arguably better shows in 2000, 22, and XIX. Will it be hard to keep Cinderella's slipper on Andre's foot, or was Hulk's locale slip-up at XXX a sign of things to come?

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