Monday, October 31, 2016


Feel something spooky in the air? It's not that burrito you had last's a new episode of Wrestling With Friends!

We're going where no one else will dare this week...back to 1992! And the WCW pay-per-view, Halloween Havoc, for our Pay-Per-RE-View! It's a fun title, but is there anything fun about this PPV? Or will the friends spin the wheel and make a deal to never watch this trash again? Tune in for our expert analysis!

Join Andy & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Episode 138: Halloween Havoc '92 Pay-Per-RE-View

0:00 - 4:48: Intros

5:34 - 1:12:11: Halloween Havoc '92 Pay Per RE-View

1:02:59 - 1:07:00: Exits

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