Monday, February 1, 2016


Episode 81: 2016 Wrestle-utions

  1. Quit referring to periods of time as "eras" and small, ineffective changes as "revolutions"
  2. Wrestling fans: be more original with your chants.
  3. Dean Ambrose should spend some time in an actual asylum for character study purposes
  4. Don't hate on heritage and open the vault to NWA, AWA, etc.
  5. Put Jericho, Austin & Jim Ross in a podcast marathon until they're ready to quit.
  1. WWE should call women what they are: women. Not Divas.
  2. Chris Jericho, New Day & Dolph Ziggler—recognize that you're not funny.
  3. Bram, keep it cool. Try not to get arrested a single time this year.
  4. Abandon the "fun" descriptor on your wrestlers. They're not there to have "fun". They're here to FIGHT!
  5. Old guys are there to put people over. It's time for Taker to lay down for someone younger than Lesnar.

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