Monday, January 11, 2016


Episode 79: Big Bad 2016 Predictions

Below are some incredible predictions made by the Friends during the show. Be sure to keep checking back here to see which ones come to fruition, and which ones deserve to be flushed for the turds that they are!

  1. Braun Strowman and Neville will find their momentum tragically stalled by extended injuries
  2. John Cena will Main Event Wrestlemania to boost ratings, even in a non-title match
  3. Christian, Hillbilly Jim and Sable will be the latest overlooked inductees into the Hall of Fame
  4. 2016 will see more tragedy when names like Balls Mahoney, Abdullah the Butcher, Jimmy Valiant, The Boogeyman, Kamala and Jake Roberts leave us for the wrestling ring in the sky
  5. Vince will buy the TNA tape library, instigating a vicious attack at his home by the hands of Bram

  1. Monday Night Raw will draw under 2.0 throughout the year at least 5 separate times
  2. Hulk Hogan makes his triumphant return by showing up for the night at either TNA or Global Force
  3. Shane McMahon returns for a touching reunion that leave fans craving the only good McMahon
  4. Cameron, Adam Rose, The Ascension, Jack Swagger, Fandango and D-Von are this year's pink slip recipients
  5. Dixie Carter & Serge divorce when Serge's infidelity is revealed and their split bankrupts TNA

  1. Johnny Gargano, Tomasso Ciampa, reDRagon and AJ Styles wrestle for NXT with long-standing contracts
  2. The New Day, The League of Nation and The Wyatt Family do not last through 2016 as entire units
  3. Daniel Bryan leaves WWE when he no longer wishes to heed doctor's advice and wrestles elsewhere
  4. Owen Hart is inducted into the Hall of Fame after his long-standing absence is rectified
  5. Dean Ambrose turns heel just as Seth Rollins becomes one of the biggest babyfaces in the company

Eric "The Bikeman" Carlson:
  1. 2016 is the year of Roman Reigns holding the title for at least 60% of the year (219 days)
  2. 2016 is the year of Stardust as a supernatural heel threat, or 'Big Bad', of the company
  3. 2016 is the year of Kevin Owens winning his own title shot, either at Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank
  4. 2016 is the year of Raw going back to 2 hours on a regular basis
  5. 2016 is the year of Ric Flair not losing his status as winningest World Champion in history

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