Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Memorial Day may be over, but our latest episode of Wrestling With Friends is one you'll never forget!

This week, guest judge Kraig Khaos of the highly-entertaining/informative/rant-filled Uncommon Interests podcast joins us to settle the score on the latest edition of the Judy Bagwell Awards. The Friends put Kraig through the wringer on his first outing, forcing him to listen through and decide upon CM Punk disrespecting Paul Bearer's ashes, Heidenreich disemboweling Michael Cole against his will and Kai En Tai dismembering Val Venis...or at least threatening to.

We've also got another very special guest on board for what we hope is a recurring segment (we did sign him to a multi-appearance contract, after all) as Vince Russo joins us to discuss "This Day in Wrestling History".

Join Blake, Andy, Mr. Wrestling II & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Episode 58 - Judy Bagwell Awards: Ashes, Heidenrape & Chopped Pee Pee

0:00 - 17:33: Intros & Topics
19:15 - 30:37: Vince Russo's "This Day in Wrestling History"
10:28 - 1:14:37: Judy Bagwell Awards: Paul Bearer's Ashes//Heidenreich Rapes Cole//Kai En Tai dis"members" Venis

Musical Interludes by Kavinsky off the album OutRun

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