Wednesday, April 8, 2015


By Guest Columnist, Kraig Khaos


We are treated to absolutely nothing on Smackdown except Michael Cole will have a sitdown interview with Brian Pillman on Monday Night RAW and Brian Pillman will explain his actions from the previous RAW and why he attacked Cutis Axle after their match. And just to bring the point home, we are once again shown the footage of Pillman beating up Axle on RAW.

About a half hour into RAW, we return from a commercial break for the WWE Network to see 2 steel chairs in the middle of the ring. In one chair is Michael Cole and in the other, Brian Pillman. Michael Cole starts off with obvious observations by telling Brian that Bray Wyatt seems to be getting under his skin. And that the WWE Universe was shocked by Pillman's actions on RAW.

Pillman starts off by apologizing to Curtis Axle for his unsportsmanlike conduct. He then confirms Michael Cole's uncanny suspicion that Bray Wyatt HAS indeed gotten under his skin. The more Pillman speaks about Bray Wyatt, the more agitated he gets and the louder his voice raises. In his raspy voice and looking wide eyed into the camera he says, "Bray Wyatt! You have no idea what kind of a can of worms you have opened! Everything I've kept deep inside, buried and dark, you don't want that to come out! Because once it's unleashed, there's no putting it back! If you-"

The lights go out in the arena. Bray Wyatt's music starts as cellphones throughout the crowd light up. Michael Cole has already left the ring and Pillman is alone,standing with his fists clenched, waiting for Wyatt to walk out from the back. The lights come back and Wyatt is standing behind Pillman with a steel chair in his hand. As Pillman turns around, Bray cracks him in the face with the chair. Pillman falls like a sack of potatoes. Wyatt then picks Pillman up and gives him the Sister Abigail. Wyatt then kneels, stretches his arms out and yells, "Follow...the buzzards!" We cut to a commercial break.

We return to see HHH talking to Stephanie about how great the network is doing now that there is no service contract and people can cancel their $9.99 monthly sub any time. Stephanie, not understanding things like simple math, looks puzzled. Flyin' Brian Pillman bursts into the room quite upset. "I demand a match with Bray Wyatt at the Pay-Per-View!" Pillman yells. "I want it in writing!"

HHH says "You don't come into my backstage makeshift office and just demand things! Who do you think you are?"

"I'm the high Flyin Brian Pillman! I've been beating wrestlers left and right. I desrve this match."

"Didn't you lose to Curtis Axle last week?" HHH asks. "And, you've been fighting chumps. Losers, jobbers, guys who probably won't even be here in 6 months."

We then cut to Heath Slater watching HHH and Pillman talk on a TV screen. He starts to cry loudly and runs off. We cut back to HHH and Brian. HHH continues.

"But if you want this match with Wyatt, you can earn it. Your one of those WCW guys. And since I can't get out of the way of my own ego, if you want Wyatt at the Pay-Per-View, you have to win your handicap match tonight on RAW."

"Fine," yells Pillman. "Who are my opponents?"

HHH cracks a smile. "You’ll see."

We fade out to another commercial break...

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