Sunday, March 22, 2015


By Guest Columnist, Kraig Khaos

As wrestling fans, we often fantasize about things that never were or never can be. Whether it be a push that a wrestler never got,a tag team that never came together, a story line that never got wrote, an underground x-rated film that the Fabulous Moolah never made, or in this case a feud that will never happen.

For years, fans were certain that a match between HHH and Sting would never happen. But this year has seen that change. Aside from this rare happening, there are thousands of great "What If" matches that we will never see. Whether it be because one of the wrestlers is retired, one of them is permanently injured or in this case, the two wrestlers are from different eras, and one of them is doing high spots in Heaven. I bring to you a feud that would be so dynamic as to be mentioned in the same famous feuds as Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart, Stone Cold vs The Rock. Ladies and gentleman, I bring you a babyface Flyin' Brian Pillman vs Bray Wyatt.

Brian Pillman. A high flying,good looking, superb ring technician that did more for cruiserweights than he was given credit for. A very over face for WCW before turning heel with his loose canon character and going to WWE for a famously controversial feud with Steve Austin. And months later passing away much too young in a hotel room.

Bray Wyatt. A brutal monster who has proven time and again that not only can he talk the talk, but he can walk upside down like a possessed man in the ring. A heel who embraces the true meaning of the word and has captured the fascination of all who see him in action.


The feud would start out with Bray Wyatt on Raw cutting one of his famous promos. His points of reason being his disgust for Brian Pillman's underdog all American persona. And Wyatt talks about how he will show the world that dreams don't really come true and the underdog never wins when he destroys Brian.

Later that night, Flyin Brian comes out to a huge pop as he makes his way to the ring to face everyone's favorite heel jobber, Heath Slater. The match is going good for about 5 minutes. Slater gets in a lucky move or two, but soon enough, Slater is laid out in the middle of the ring as Pillman climbs the top rope for an "Air Pillman" finishing maneuver. But, as Brian stands on the top turnbuckle looking down at Slater, Bray Wyatt comes from behind and pushes Pillman from the top tunbuckle onto the floor outside the ring. The ref rings the bell for a DQ. From then on, it's a flurry of fists and kicks as Bray Wyatt demolishes Brian.

Pillman makes a few attemps to fight back, but is quickly thwarted when Wyatt tosses him into a ring post. Bray Wyatt's brutal onslaught of punishment is brought to an end when he gives Pillman a "Sister Abigail" onto the steel ring steps. Bray slowly walks away screaming "Follow, the buzzards!" as medics attend to Pillman, then carry him away on a stretcher. We cut to a commercial for whatever new crap show the USA network is peddling and promo for the new HHH workout video. We return with Michael Cole replaying the last few minutes of the Pillman beatdown and describing how disturbing it is to watch. He also tells us that Brian has been taken to a nearby medical facility and that we will be kept updated on Brian Pillman's condition...

Stay tuned later this week for Pt. 2 of this Fantasy Feud. For now, visit Kraig Khaos' podcast page HERE.

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