Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wrestling Dreams Volume 1: The Journey of Joe

Samoa Joe is back in ROH, which initially sounds like an exciting idea. Like everyone else in TNA, he grew stagnant and had nothing left to do. Unfortunately, much like TNA, it doesn’t seem to matter who ROH brings in, they don’t gain any momentum. Recent buyrates suggest that the company is pulling in under 10,000 buys for their pay-per-views.

Now the company is booked far more competently than the Total Nonsense Association, but the results remain the same. Business as usual and no real buzz that crosses outside of their devoted fanbase. A.J. Styles, Matt Sydal, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, the recent Alberto Del Rio and now Joe have all signed up for duty in the indy promotion. An incredible roster by any means. You would think that each one should have delivered more interest in the product, but it never happens. Something is not quite working.

WWE has raised the game for how major league wrestling should look, and perhaps that’s why ROH can’t get anywhere. They look like they shoot out of a Menard’s bathroom, and not a major arena with great lighting and big screens. But maybe it’s the Sinclair deal that's holding them back. They're airing at random times, in random parts of the country, on random TV stations. Maybe it’s an over emphasis on wrestling, with very little storytelling on their shows. And maybe it’s the consistent lack of a top babyface that crowds can rally around. The Dusty Rhodes, the Hulk Hogan, the Von Erich, or the Verne Gagne that every major promotion has had. It seems that only a John Cena or possibly CM Punk could finally take this company to the next level.

Punk, though, is out of the game. He seems he’d rather get beat up for real then get involved in wrestling again. In an ideal situation, he’d be out for blood and want to stick it to the McMahon family, and maybe take away some of the adult viewers he brought to the product. That’s not going to happen. So Joe will likely put on some great matches, and get their devoted fanbase excited, but it’s doubtful that in the big picture it’s really going to do much for ROH. For the casual fan, he's just going to be that guy from TNA who hasn't been a top guy in years. It's unfair, but that's probably the perception he'll get. Still, a fella can dream right?

-Andrew Soucek

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  1. TNA made their biggest mistake when they let Scott Steiner go.