Friday, February 6, 2015


Once again, wrestling podcasts are all the rage as of late. But there's only one wrestling podcast you need in your life, and that's us. Wrestling With Friends.

We get into a little tit-for-tat on the Triple H promo, as well as discussions on the Intercontinental Title, ROH contracts, TNA signings and more. But we know what you're really here for is to listen to the Friends take sides in the Great Daniel Bryan Debate! What's the debate? Do you really have to ask? Well since you do, maybe tune in to find out! The Friends also preview a segment for next week, giving each other homework assignments...

Talking Points: The Roar of the Crowd, Jack Tittly, the Road to Fast Lane, Black History Month, New Japan's New Beginning, All the Men Who Came to See Me

Join Blake, Andrew, Mr. Wrestling II & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Friends News Episode 8: Daniel Bryan Crossfire//Book Your Bust

0:00 - 31:14: Intros & Current Promotion News

32:25 - 50:50: Point/Counterpoint: Daniel Bryan

52:24 - 1:05:37: Preview: Book Your Bust

Final Song - Insane Clown Posse, "Oddities"

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