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Here they are! The Friendies 2014: at least, the fan version as voted by you, our dear listeners. Who did you pick as Mr. Wrestling II Wrestler of the Year? More importantly, what did you choose as the 2014 Judy Bagwell Award of the Year Winner? It's all below!

Most Ridiculous Statement by a Wrestling Personality

Taker Was Supposed to Kick Out

Taker's streak ending to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX was one of the most exciting, jaw-dropping moments in wrestling memory. To say it was all by accident, as many fans and even wrestling personalities presumed, just steals the thunder from Brock Lesnar's barn-storming 2014.

Best Heel of the Year

Seth Rollins

Most likely not his only award of the past year, Seth Rollins really only spent half of 2014 as a heel. But that didn't stop him from becoming one of the most hated in the past decade, meaning he's doing his job right.

Best Face of the Year

Dolph Ziggler

It was mostly Dolph's last few months of 2014 that nabbed him this award (alongside Daniel Bryan's prolonged injury), but it's apparent the fans can't help but get behind this scrappy underdog and his awe-inspiring performances month after month.

Worst Feud of the Year

Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella

It's not enough that this feud contained bad acting, even for wrestlers, but it simply ended without making any logical sense. Brie joins her sister after being forced in as her assistant, helps her cheat for the Diva's title, yet still cheers on her completely over face of a husband? You all proved that you wish that this feud had never been born!

Feud of the Year

Ambrose vs. Rollins

On the flipside, you all voted for two guys who really laid into their roles and got behind a natural hatred for each other. Though it came to an abrupt end at the hands of Bray Wyatt, it's clear that you all can't wait to see where these two pick up in 2015!

Most Screwed Over Wrestler


Behind the over-scripted nature of modern pro wrestling, there is still a very prominent political game being played. And you all triumphantly declared that nobody was a worse victim of that than Cesaro, who nabbed 100% of the 1st place votes. From Andre the Giant Battle Royal winner to modern day J.O.B. Squad member, Cesaro is one Millennial who has a box full of brass rings, yet those at the top seem not to notice (or care).

Best Wrestler/Manager Duo


The pairing of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar just edged out Rollins and his cowardly, yet lovable J&J Security, yet it's not hard to see why. Both are seasoned veterans at what they do; Heyman brings the confident mouth, while Lesnar brings the confident muscle. It's just Pro Wrestling 101 in action.

Worst Wrestling TV Show

Total Divas

This one was almost too easy, yet it should be noted that Raw gave Total Divas a run for its money. Still, it's hard for our listeners to ignore the downright garbage that Total Divas is comprised of. It's the worst of professional wrestling AND reality television, and that's saying something.

Best Wrestling TV Show


There is still a lot of good pro wrestling on TV, despite what is said about the main product, and you all decided overwhelmingly that the cream of the crop is NXT. While it's perhaps due to its accessibility as a funnel for the WWE and being featured on its Network, NXT still had some of the most talked-about shows and legitimate displays of talent to rival the hype of most Indy shows.

Promo Person of the Year

Paul Heyman

It's almost not fair for Ambrose and Wyatt, who were nominated alongside Paul Heyman, but that's how it shook out. And you all weren't slow to deem Heyman as still having "it" even after more than 25 years in the business.

Biggest Shock!

Undertaker's Streak is Broken

In any other year, Lesnar's dominance over the stale "Super" Cena at Summerslam would have taken it, but you all crowned a different Lesnar moment as the Biggest Shock of 2014: that being, of course, his out-of-nowhere, dominant win over the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX which not only ended a 20+ year-long streak, but may have also ended the Phenom's career as well.

Biggest Character Improvement

Sandow's weekly circus to Mizdow

2014 was an up-and-down year for Damien Sandow, who was just coming off his infamous failure to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Though everyone expected him to take a dip, nobody saw the nosedive coming that had Sandow wearing Abraham Lincoln and astronaut costumes, to name just a few. However, you all stuck by him, and, after his adoption as the Miz's "stunt double", chose to honor him as WWE's "Most Improved" for organically becoming one of the most over and exciting wrestlers to watch each week.

Biggest Fan Attitude Adjustment (Disappointment)

Cena No-Sells the Lesnar Squash

You all voted Lesnar's dominant win over Cena as the 2nd most shocking moment of 2014. That's why it was no surprise that the Dr. of Thuganomics coming back stronger than ever nabbed your biggest disappointment of the year. In what should have been a nice few-week break from Cena while he recovered from injuries, we instead got Cena's obnoxious resilience and nausea-inducing no-selling of the fact that he was completely annihilated from top to bottom.

Dammit, We're Going to Make This Work (Worst Story)

Roman Reigns as the Next Big Star

Two men dominated this vote; Roman Reigns and Batista. And though Roman's push reigned (narrowly) supreme, they both contained the common thread of being pushed down our throats. Batista won the Royal Rumble for no reason, while Reigns got the record for most eliminations. Though he ended the year in injury, you all seem to be ready for another Rumble in 2015 with a unfortunately telegraphed ending.

Best Story

TIE: Daniel Bryan & Sami Zayn complete their roads to redemption

With a final vote coming in at the wire, these two storylines finished in a tie as your favorites of the year. And with good reason; they both represent an underdog overcoming great odds and finally getting their moment to shine. Bryan got more first-place votes, perhaps due to the fact that his moment was at the Showcase of the Immortals, but it's almost fitting that these two would finish neck-and-neck due to how similar they were.

And now, for the Biggies...

Get the "F" Off My TV

The Big Show

Though he didn't nab any first place votes (that honor goes to JBL), the Big Show was close enough to the top of most voters' ranked lists for his inability to know when to just walk away. Though a lot can be said about the writing done for his character, Show did himself no favors in your eyes with his performance, promo ability and the additions to his running list of abrupt face/heel turns.

Judy Bagwell Moment of the Year

Hoda & Kathie Lee Invade Raw

It's hard to admit when Andrew is right, but you all agreed with his Whatculture article of the worst moment in wrestling for 2014 with Hoda & Kathie Lee being paraded out during Cancer Awareness month. WWE puts on many ugly, yet harmless segments each year, but you all resoundingly agreed that this was just on another level of awful. Whether it was the music drowning out fans' boos or Kathie Lee's concrete ass smashing a wine bottle, this moment probably had a few fans, as well as Susan G. Komen donors, wanting their money back.

Heenan's Hall Moment of the Year

Lesnar Manhandles Cena

The moment that was nominated perhaps more than any other this year nabbed the big one here; Lesnar manhandling Cena was your top choice for a Heenan's Hall plaque in 2014. From the shock factor to its almost cathartic feel, it was a match that you will all remember forever. Unfortunately, as seen by your choice for Biggest Attitude Adjustment, it is forced to live in a bubble due to its lackluster follow-up.

Match of the Year

TIE: Survivor Series Main Event & NXT R-Evolution Title Match

In another last-minute vote, the Survivor Series main event pulled even with Sami Zayn completing his road to redemption, showing once more that the poor guy can never just stand alone in the spotlight. Though he still pulled in a few more first place votes, you all agreed that the WWE's final quarter was its strongest with these two matches on display.

Tag Team of the Year

Gold and Stardust

Gold and Stardust winning this award is perhaps the truest representation of "fans choice" than any other; though their booking was haphazard and their feud with the Usos a bit prolonged, you all chose them as your Tag Team of the Year. It's clear that you thought they followed through successfully on a strong finish to 2013, with a Title Run and a large about-face for Cody Rhodes—even if it may be largely due to their exposure over the more decorated, yet lesser-known teams that were nominated alongside them.

Mr. Wrestling II Wrestler of the Year Award

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins claims the Mr. Wrestling II Wrestler of the Year award in a close vote over Dolph Ziggler. You appreciated his huge growth, from a fringe member of the Shield (which Erik infamously proclaimed would be his doom) to the stable's most exciting member and, eventually, its own undoing. Shortly after, he'd take the Money in the Bank contract and not look back. Whether it was with Dean Ambrose, John Cena or (we never thought we'd say this) Sting, he's been involved in main event after main event. Much like the man this award is named after, Seth Rollins made one of the more famous heel turns in wrestling history during a popular babyface run, and you've all proven that the wrestling world is better for it.

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