Saturday, January 24, 2015


Random Picker Game

For this particular game, numbers 1-30 (representing each entry in the Rumble) were put into a random integer generator, and spit back out in groups of 3. Each Friend was given a group, as can be seen below.

As the Rumble winds on, and the entries become tied to a Superstar (or Diva), the person holding that entry number will be rewarded points (or have points taken from) by completing any of the familiar Achievements below.


Wins the Rumble (+7)
Clears the Ring (+5)
Most Eliminations (+3)
Longest Run Time (+3)
Slides under the bottom rope to escape the ring but avoid elimination (+1)
Avoids Elimination Acrobatically (+1)
Comes back in after being eliminated to eliminate someone else (-1)
Gets Eliminated by Multiple Wrestlers (-1)
Shortest Run Time (-3)
Hides from the Rumble for majority of the match (-3)
Goes for a finisher instead of an elimination (-5)
Jerry Lawler pick (-7)


Andy Blake Erik
1: The Miz 3: Bubba Ray Dudley (-5) 2: R-Truth
9: Zack Ryder 6: Curtis Axel (Erick Rowan) 4: Luke Harper
10: Daniel Bryan 14: Diamond Dallas Page (-5) 5: Bray Wyatt (+6)
12: Tyson Kidd 16: Goldust 7: The Boogeyman
13: Stardust (+1) 18: Adam Rose 8: Sin Cara
15: Rusev 19: Roman Reigns (+7) 11: Fandango (+1)
24: Kane 20: Big E 17: Kofi Kingston (+1)
25: Dean Ambrose 23: Ryback 21: Mizdow
26: Titus O'Neil (-3) 27: Bad News Barrett 22: Jack Swagger
30: Dolph Ziggler 29: Big Show 28: Cesaro
Total Total Total
-2 -3 +8

Superstar Draft Game

For this particular game, a list of active, probable and rumored participants are put on a big board, and all 3 Friends pick a "team" member, one by one.*

Once again, points are awarded by achievement; however, this game requires the strategy needed to pick the right group of wrestlers to nab the most amount of points. This includes choosing superstars who may complete a more "infamous" achievement, which are scored positively in this game.


Wins the Rumble (+7)
Final Four Appearance (+5)
Longest Run Time (+4)
Most Eliminations (+4)
Mr. Irrelevant = First Guy Thrown Out (+3)
Mr. Minute Man = Shortest Run Time (+3)
Clears the Ring (+1)
Eliminated by Multiple Wrestlers (+1)
Uses Finisher (+1)
Eliminates Tag Partner (+1)
Cuts a Promo mid-match (+1)
Acrobatic save/Skin the Cat (+1)


Andy Blake Erik
Roman Reigns (+13) Bray Wyatt (+10) Daniel Bryan
Ryback Rusev (+5) Randy Orton
Mizdow Bo Dallas Kofi Kingston (+1)
Undertaker Luke Harper The Miz (+3)
Fandango (+1) Kevin Owens Sheamus
Sami Zayn Stardust (+1) Baron Corbin
Total Total Total
14 16 4

*2 other Wrestling Friends joined us for this draft, taking some of the other available picks. Erik had 1st overall pick, followed by Andy and then Blake.

Also, be sure to head over to the Friends Cup leader board to catch up with any updates on the progress of the Friends' year-long prediction competition!

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