Monday, December 1, 2014


Whether it's a podcast or a porn shoot, getting 3 guys together every week is a more difficult task than it seems. And after 44 episodes and nearly a year of this thing, your Friends are feeling a bit road-weary. The doctors are telling us we need to take some time to think about the pace we're on, and whether or not we want our careers to end prematurely. That's why we're changing things up with the format around here.

To allay your fears that you'll be getting LESS friendliness in your ears, however, we're here to break down what this all means. Read below for the new release schedule, or get your lawyer to do it for you. Who cares?!


WHO: A combination of Andy, Blake & Erik
WHAT: A weekly podcast highlighting current promotion news & hot topics in the industry
WHEN: Every Friday
WHY: A news-only show allows any combination of the Friends to get together without fearing that the format is being tampered with or that things are out of whack due to an absence. It also allows you, our Friendly listener, to stay up on the news you crave without falling behind due to extensive follow-up segments. We will have more time to discuss the news without rushing ourselves, and to speak on the topics that make the wrestling world go 'round.


WHO: Andy, Blake & Erik — NO MATTER WHAT!
WHAT: A bi-weekly podcast (every 2 weeks) featuring our fun rotating segments & new List entries
WHEN: Every other Tuesday
WHY: Chopping off the news from the front of the show allows these episodes to be listened to whenever and for always. Talking about the best & worst moments in wrestling history can now live in posterity, and shown to your grandchildren through their ear chip devices. The bi-weekly schedule also allows the 3 Friends to find a suitable time for them all to get together, so that a clusterfuck J-Bags Awards handout or cordial Heenan's Hall ceremony will never leave another Friend out in the cold.

We hope this new format will work for you, our faithful listeners, as it is you that makes this all possible. There will be just as much Friendliness packed in for you each week, but in a more palatable 1 hour installment (because we all know how 3 hours of wrestling works out for everyone...)

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