Monday, November 17, 2014


By Guest Writer, Kraig Khaos

So here we are. The era of Lesnar. An unstoppable, all demolishing beast with a thirst for violence. But what if, at the same time, we were also at the height of Ultimate Warrior mania?

The Ultimate Warrior. A painted face, mountain of muscle with an intense energy that has never been matched.

Now imagine this. John Cena. Wearing his jean shorts, his red Cena shirt with matching hat and wristbands is walking down the street, on his way to the grocery store to buy some Fruity Pebbles. While wearing his headphones that is playing Color Me Bad's "I Wanna Sex You Up", he neglects to look both ways before crossing the street. After one step, he is immediately ran over by Stone Cold Steve Austin's monster truck and flattened into a pile of street pizza. So now, the WWE Championship is vacant, and Vinnie Mac and company have the difficult decision of who to put the belt on. Warrior, or Lesnar. Who will get the big push that make them a WWE Legend? Let's look at the stats...


Who is more over with the crowd? The fans will watch any match with Brock Lesnar in it, just because he is in it. Whether a heel or a face, people wanna see Lesnar in the ring, because you KNOW, he gonna hurt somebody.

And while you may see a Lesnar shirt here and there, his popularity pales in comparison to the Warrior's merch sales. At every event the Warrior was at, be it Saturday Night Main Event or Popfart, Nebraska, you would seen hundreds of kids with Warrior painted faces. You would see Warrior paint shaped foamed fingers, banners, shirts, neon tassels dangling from arms. And just about the biggest "pop" any wrestler in history has ever received.

WINNER: Warrior


Who would last longer in the WWE? While Brock Lesnar has left WWE to pursue other interests, he always left on good terms. And he has been with the company on and off for almost 4 times as long as the Warrior was with the company. Lesnar also doesn't seem the type of person to pull any shenanigans. Such as, oh, I don't know, maybe geting fired for holding up a Pay-Per-View main event hours before the match by refusing to wrestle until he was given more money.

WINNER: Lesnar


Lesnar understands that someone can't win every match or hold a title forever.

He is obviously willing to do what management needs him to do. Be it beating John Cena within an inch of his life and winning. Or beating Triple H within an inch of his life, and still letting Triple H win. It is said that Warrior absolutely hated to lose in order to get someone else over or for whatever reason. It is widely speculated that Warrior would throw fits of rage when asked to take a dive for someone.

WINNER: Lesnar


Other wrestlers respect Lesnar due to his work in the ring and his many accomplishments. Warrior was said not to care about hurting others in the ring due to his lack of technical wrestling skills. It seems that Warrior gained no respect in wrestling until Hall of Fame induction and subsequent passing.

WINNER: Lesnar


Who are the fans more likely to believe in winning the match. Can the Warrior's strength, energy, intensity, and raw power beat Brock Lesnar's wrestling ability, brutality, and ringside Paul Heyman? That question, is for each wrestling fan to decide for themselves...

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