Friday, November 21, 2014


We're in a deep freeze right now, folks! Good thing we all have our own favorite wrestlers to snuggle and sleep in with! Who's yours? Mine is Blackjack Mulligan.

It's time to freshen up this place after nearly a year of hanging around on the Internet. Tune in for some more details—however, we think you're going to like the changes. Don't worry, it involves even more friendliness! On this episode, we dedicate our time solely to news & current events, as well as our Friends Cup predictions for Survivor Series. How are you doing in your predictions? We'd love to know!

The show ends with an extra treat: writer Blake Steil's thoughts on the new WWE 2K15 video game for the next gen consoles! You'll want to hear his thoughts, alongside a possible differing opinion from Andrew. Should you spend your hard-earned money on this new video game? Let Blake & Andy make that decision for you!

Join Blake, Andy, Mr. Wrestling II & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Episode 45 - CM Cuddle

0:00 - 43:56: Intros & Current Promotion News

45:21 - 1:13:41: Friends Cup: Survivor Series

1:14:39 - 1:38:00: WWE 2K15 Talk

Final Song - Chris Morrison, "Cats!"

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