Thursday, September 25, 2014


We're back from our latest hernia setback to bring you this exciting 37th installment of Wrestling With Friends! On this show, we're getting back into the swing of things slowly with a casual discussion on Night of Champions and an unprecedented Friends Cup result! Tune in to find out Blake's thoughts on the show, and to hear what else is going on in the wrestling world—including wrestling sitcoms!

There is no second segment to slog through, but The List makes its triumphant return to close out the show as the Friends shut the door on the 70s with their #70 picks. Alongside those surprising entries, however, Andy has an exciting announcement about his latest interview for WhatCulture, so be sure to head over there...or listen in for the exclusive yourself!

Join Creep, Andy & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Episode 37 - Paul Roma's Four Horsemen

0:00 - 48:42: Intros & Current Promotion News

50:38 - 1:28:56: The List: #70

Final Song - Tatanka, "Native American"

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