Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kraig Khaos Presents: The Top 10 Things You Never Hear in Wrestling!

Listener and Friend to the show, Kraig Khaos, knows that we love our lists. And that's why he's offered to us a little list of his own: the Top 10 Things you never hear in professional wrestling!

  1. This dark match with R-Truth is gonna be great.

  2. Zeb Colter helps teach kids tolerance

  3. Triple H is my favorite member of DX.

  4. Scott Steiner is such a gentleman.

  5. Let's have Kurt Angle drive us home after the party.

  6. The Divas title match is JUST as important as the Heavyweight title match.

  7. Mean Gene Okerlund is a ladies man.

  8. Wrestlers don't need steroids to get big.

  9. Jack Swagger would make a great commentator.

  10. John Cena , the greatest rapper of all time, is from the hood.


  1. That picture of Scott makes him look like Glenn Danzig in acid washed jeans.

  2. Clearly everybody's favorite member of DX was Chyna.

    1. Especially after her home movie came out.