Friday, July 25, 2014


We're splitting wigs again this week, with another painful episode of Wrestling With Friends! But don't worry, it's a good pain. And after our wild, uncut week, we rein things in for this special 30th episode.

The Friends kick things off by discussing a gimmick-themed question from their fun, new Facebook Group! After that, they discuss their prediction performance from WWE Beetleborgs and the aftermath of that event, while also touching gently upon TNA as to not upset it surprising turn towards entertainment. Ring of Honor is also covered, along with a short recap from a local indy show Andy & Erik attended!

Now shut up! It's time to get serious, iron our tuxedos (except for Blake, since he burnt a hole in his last time), and enter Heenan's Hall for yet another respectful, classy ceremony. There's only one spot, but there are three worthy candidates in the Barbershop Window incident, the Nexus Invasion and Tony Schiavone's on-air boner (not that kind of boner, you weirdo) turning the tides of the Monday Night Wars. And if you thought we were going to miss the List this week, you've got another thing coming, pal! The Friends return to form in this 30th of episodes with their #75 picks as well.

Join Blake, Andy & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Episode 30 - The Schiavonation of Domination

0:00 - 42:49: Intros & Current Promotion News

43:44 - 1:17:26: Heenan's Hall: Barbershop Window//Nexus Invasion//Schiavone Spoils Raw

1:18:55 - 1:47:18: The List: #75

Final Song - Road Dogg & K-Kwik, "Call Somebody"

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  1. John Cena should change the name of some of his moves. Because 5 Knuckle Shuffle means something COMPLETELY different where I'M from.

  2. Worst gimmick changes? The Blade Runners into the Dingo Warrior and.... Sting?