Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Draft, Listener Style: Alex

Drafts are exciting! Drafts are fun! Drafts are also good for drawing blood and sometimes pulling hair.

And that's just what one of our listeners, Alex, wants to see in his brand new promotion. That's right, given endless amounts of cash and some influential...sway, he's ready to start his own Diva's promotion! Check out Alex's own Draft picks below.

Alex's Draft

Here is my roster. I decided to take a different route and make it an all ladies organization.

Andy stole my top pick, but since she would have been my #1, I would have gotten her first.

1. AJ Lee - Building the roster around her. She's the superstar.

2. Mickie James - The veteran. Still has great looks and good skills.

3. Gail Kim - The best woman wrestler in TNA. She'd put on some slobberknockers with these other women.

4. Tamina Snuka - The hoss of the group.

5. Awesome Kong - The other hoss of the group. Honestly she'd probably destroy AJ. Then have a large women feud with Tamina.

6. Emma - I haven't seen much of her, and she has a pretty stupid gimmick right now. Deserves better.

7. Paige - I think she is undeserving as the current divas champ, but she'd put on some good matches with these other ladies.

8. Alicia Fox - Love her current push. She is underrated. Plus sexy to boot.

9. Sara Del Rey - The best indie lady out there. Why isn't she on TV?

10. Mia Yim - I wanted another Asian, and since I don't know much about Japanese wrestlers, why not an up and coming indie Asian-American?

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