Thursday, June 26, 2014


What happens when one of your Friends gets released from the company? Nothing! You keep plugging along with another episode of Wrestling with Friends!

Unfortunately, Blake didn't make the next round of cuts, but that didn't stop Heath Slater so why should it stop us? That's right, Andy & Erik go marching out into the unknown, willing to lose to Bo Dallas in order to keep bringing you the fun and nonstop excitement we're known for. This week, we do our best to cover news from TNA, the first ever live PPV in ROH and the WWE, including Money in the Bank predictions for the Friends Cup!

We don't cut things short just because one of our Friends was cut short, either. The discussion continues with some "shoot" talking points, such as which pro wrestlers would we pick, as coaches, to replace injured members of the U.S. World Cup soccer team? Also, with a gun to our head, which wrestlers' backs would we have the hardest time shaving? All that, and our belated List segment from last week, featuring our #77 picks!

Join Blake, Andy & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Episode 27 - Vickie Guerrero's Treasure Trail

0:00 - 49:30: Intros, Current Promotion News & Friends Cup predictions

50:12 - 1:16:03: Shoot topics: World Cup Wrestlers & Back Shaving Nightmares

1:16:55 - 1:46:27: The List: #77

Final Song - The Rock, "Song for Vickie"

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  1. So glad to see Big Poppa Pump on the list. I model my life after him. Not the whole working out and being athletic, or the whole vendetta against the english language, but the whole attitude and being www.BootyDaddy. (btw, his website is literally It sounds like a porn site, but is not)
    Look at his TNA stint. He was the most innappropriate wrestler of ALL TIME when it came to talking to female interviewers.

  2. Also, people who's back I wouldn't want to shave. 1) Big Van Vader. Because he would potatoe you in the eye before you even started. Plus, he's a ginger. So, red back hair. eeewww
    And 2) Visera. Big V. That would be a HUGE back to shave.

  3. I know you guys like LISTS. So here is a list of 10 Things You Never Hear in Wrestling.

    1) This dark match with R-Truth is gonna be great.
    2) Zeb Colter helps teach kids tolerance
    3) Triple H is my favorite member of DX.
    4) Scott Steiner is such a gentleman.
    5) Let's have Kurt Angle drive us home after the party.
    6) The Divas title match is JUST as important as the Heavyweight title match.
    7) Mean Gene Oakerland is a ladies man.
    8) Wrestlers don't need steroids to get big.
    9) Jack Swagger would make a great commentator.
    10) John Cena , the greatest rapper of all time, is from the hood.