Friday, June 20, 2014


It's the second week in a row of a 3-Friend double-decker sandwich! Too bad they forgot their time management skills...

We're back uninterrupted this time with another feature-packed episode of Wrestling with Friends. Beginning with the news as always, the Friends discuss recent happenings in the WWE such as Roman Reigns, Goofball and the debut of .....*heavy breathing*..... STARDUST! There's up to and including 3 talking points for TNA as well this week, rendering the discussion a success for the first time in a while, as well as a rallying cry for ROH heading into their first ever LIVE Pay-Per-View, Best in the World!

Blake then brings his Wild Card topic to the table: a discussion on 3 favorite things in wrestling today, and 3 nostalgic items we miss from the current product. It's a cathartic discussion that also allows for some praise towards our favorite fake sport, meaning you won't any of that negative hoo-haw here! Not anticipating a discussion that lasts into the wee hours of the wrestling night, however, the Friends end up holding off on their Top 100 List discussion, but we still think your wrestling appetite will be fulfilled!

Join Blake, Andy & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Episode 26 - Hallucinating Canadian Mounties

0:00 - 36:22: Intros & Current Promotion News

37:57 - 1:48:40: Wild Card: Top 3 Highs & Lows

Final Song - Squeeze, "Slap & Tickle"

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  1. You can tell Lana is not Russian because she mispronounces Putin EVERY...FUCKING...TIME. It's pronounced more like Pee-U-tin. Not Poo-tin. Do you think she'll ever wrestle in the Diva's Division?
    I don't know or care. Because all I care about is my Peeps and my Freaks. Holla if ya hear me....