Friday, June 13, 2014


25 episodes later and still Friends...what an accomplishment! Hopefully none of us are released in the near future...

Blake and Erik kick things off with some talking points surrounding the WWE before a run-in from Andy halfway through. From there they discuss all things Daniel Bryan, the Shield and other terrible ideas like TNA still being afloat. The updates portion is capped off with a fun discussion on House of Hardcore and the Super Juniors tournament in NJPW.

The fun stops, but only for a moment as the Friends don their black ties and once again enter Heenan's Hall for the first time in nearly two months. They cordially discuss the merits of men like "Mean" Gene Okerlund, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Lex Luger as each Friend pleads their case for their plaque in the Hall. You'll have to listen in to see who takes it home between "By-God" Gene, Stone Cold threatening his boss with a gun and Lex Luger invading the very first Nitro. Afterwards, the Friends toss up some more iconic names as they discuss their #78 picks from the List!

Join Blake, Andy & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Episode 25 - Lex Luger Doesn't Want to be a Pirate

0:00 - 41:06: Intros, Current Promotion News

42:10 - 1:21:37: Heenan's Hall: "Mean" Gene vs. Bang 3:16 vs. Luger is Nitro

1:23:18 - 1:59:58: Top 100 List: #78

Final Song - Mean Gene Okerlund, "Rock N Roll Hootchie Koo" from the album 'Piledriver'

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  1. I know you guys are full of trivia. So here is a little nugget for you. back in WCW's heyday, there was a wrestler named Vampiro. He is actually a LEGEND in mexico lucha libre and lives in Mexico City (even though he is SO canadian). He is currently suffering from a broken back, (he heard someone breaking into his house. He jumped from a 15ft window and the fall broke 4 vertebre.) Here is the trivia. Vampiro has a daughter. The child's Godfather is none other than the Big Wiggle himself, Norman Smiley. Wtf?
    Also, what's with WWE firing Drew McIntyre and Genderless Mahal? No more 3MB. :-(

    1. Thanks Kraig! We are definitely fans of Vampiro and Norman Smiley, but that's some interesting trivia about his daughter that we didn't know! Guess the backstage politics of WCW is one way to bring two guys together...though I do believe Smiley spent quite a bit of his own time in Mexico as BLACK MAGIC!!

      Speaking of backstage politics, it is a bit depressing to see so many guys lose jobs all at once...but the WWE has to clean house sometimes just like any business, and with McMahon losing triple-digit millions the company had to pull out the ol' red pen, unfortunately. Interesting, though, some of the choices they made. Who in their right mind would ever break up the 3 Man Band, ba-bay??