Friday, June 6, 2014


No chance, that's what you've got...of getting an episode with Andy involved! That's right, for the second time this week, a tight-knit threesome has been shattered!

Andy no-shows this week's episode, but that doesn't stop Blake & Erik from recapping Payback and the Friends Cup results. Raw is also a hot topic, for various reasons, one of which involved Hornswoggle in an afro! Nobody cares about TNA anymore, so the two Friends go over some Indy & ROH news and respond to some messages from the mailbag!

The second half features more fun discussion with some long-overdue topics. One features "Moonlight Wrestling", an old idea for a running segment featuring wrestlers who had day jobs. Names like IRS, Big Boss Man, Undertaker & the Goon are mentioned, among others, as they discuss the validity of men supplementing their income with some good old-fashioned fighting. This bleeds into a discussion (hardway) into Wrestling with Tropes, as Blake & Erik discuss some fun recurring gimmicks that have nothing to do with the men in the ring, but everything to do with the psychology they use.

Join Blake, Andy & Erik, just a couple of friends chatting about wrestling. Won't you be our friend?

or Direct Download: Episode 24 - Duke's Cult of Garbage Men

0:00 - 51:53: Intros, Current Promotion News, Listener Questions & Idle Chatter

52:56 - 1:50:13: Shootin' from the Hip: Moonlight Wrestling & Wrestling with Tropes

Final Song - The Simpsons, "The Garbage Man"

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