Saturday, March 1, 2014

The List, Listener Style: Alex

Recently, we received an e-mail from listener Alex with his own list of influential and inspirational wrestlers. This, in turn, inspired an idea for the Friends. Alex's List is a great read and well-written, and we thought it would be fitting to include here. But we also want to hear from other listeners out there! Send us your own 'List', and we'll post it here to share with others. It doesn't have to be a full List; just send what you have to match where the Friends are on the show.

Alex's List

100. X-Factor (X-pac, Albert, Justin Credible)

Do you remember this short lived stable given to DX & nWo cast off X-pac? I think that I'd say I like Albert/Tensai, Credible, and then Pac in that order. Albert is just a beast and has seriously been misused/abused as Tensai. I liked Credible in the dying days of ECW and even enjoyed him as the Portuguese Man O' War on Superstars in the mid 90s. X-Pac I only really liked in his early run as the 123 Kid. I thought that the diaper match he had with Razor Ramon was hilarious. He also had a great match on an episode of Raw with Bret Hart.

99. William Regal

Maybe he'd be higher on the list if I watched NXT, but I really only remember Regal as the besmirched commissioner of the WWE. As well as those hilarious Man's Man promos. I can't remember any specific matches with him, even though he is a great worker in the ring. Regal is this low because he is good but not memorable. (I actually saw him at a bar in Seoul when WWE toured in 2008, but I didn't recognize him, and was too enamored with Flair & Jericho being there to get a picture with Regal.)

98. Gangrel

Something about vampire wrestlers just does it for me. (Hell, I was even entertained by Kevin Thorne when we was on later TV.) The Brood was a unique and entertaining stable for the crazy times of the Attitude era. Their entrance and the bloodbaths were great! Obviously Grangrel has been outshined by Edge & Christian, but despite not being the worker that E&C were, I thought that he had the best look of the three.

97. New Jack

This is a legitimately crazy guy. Not likeable outside of the ring by any stretch of the imagination, but I was always entertained by him in the ring. He almost legitimately (accidentally) killed a kid in The Mass Transit Incident. Plus he then tried to actually hurt Vic Grimes by throwing him off a scaffold and away from a bunch of tables. Crazy and scary guy.

96. Tazz

I bought into the hype of the human suplex machine in the dying days of ECW. He had a great tough man look, but just not enough height to make it in the big leagues. Still, his debut against Kurt Angle was amazing. I can take him or leave him on the commentary though.

95. Abyss

I don't watch TNA. But I remember flipping through the channels and always watching when Abyss was on. He seems like an imposing figure with a great look. Would love to watch a match with him versus Kane. But I'm not gonna watch TNA just to see a monster play his own brother as a lawyer.

94. One Man Gang

Akeem the African Dream was funny, but I really bought into One Man Gang as a big tough dude. In the original Survivor Series he holds his own against Hulk Hogan in the tag match, and he also had a memorable appearance in the Mania IV title tournament. I think that he should have had one big match against Hogan (ala King Kong Bundy at Mania 2), but I guess it was never to be.

93. Perry Saturn

I liked his tag team stuff with Kronus, but mostly I remember Saturn as the crazy guy ditching the MILFY Terri Runnels for a mop. I thought he was a good wrestler (nice suplexes) and he had a good look to boot. So it's a shame that he was reduced to Moppy. Still, third best of the Radicalz ain't terrible!

92. Ivory

My tenth favorite female wrestler! I liked her frumpy turn in the Right to Censor. Really Ivory was a solid worker in the ring. I've included her after watching a documentary about GLOW. Those ladies were tough and entertaining. But Ivory was the only one to make it big. It's a shame that.

91. Assorted Japanese Wrestlers (Bull Nakano, Kai-En-Tai, Tajiri, Masato Tanaka, Hayabusa)

Honestly, I'm not that in to Japanese wrestling, because I find the commentating to be annoying. That said, I have been entertained by several Japanese wrestlers. I remember Bull Nakano twisting Aludra Blaze into some sort of wicked leg submission in an old copy of WWE magazine. She had a great look and probably did great things in Japan that I've never seen. Kai-En-Tai were great for the choppee choppee pee-pee thing with Val Venis. Plus Taka had some entertaining lightheavyweight matches. Tajiri was awesome in ECW and neutered in the WWE. Still, a great worker and funny in his interactions with Regal on TV. Masato Tanaka I really only saw in his matches with Mike Awesome. But, those were some fucking great matches! Lastly, Hayabusa seems like Japan's answer to Sabu. I really only watched him on a King of the Death Match VHS featuring English commentary. But he did some crazy stuff with exploding rings. And then he broke his neck and had to retire.

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