Saturday, January 25, 2014

Royal Rumble Game 2014

For this particular game, numbers 1-30 (representing each entry in the Rumble) were put into a random integer generator, and spit back out in groups of 3. Each Friend was given a group, as can be seen below.

As the Rumble winds on, and the entries become tied to a Superstar (or Diva), the person holding that entry number will be rewarded points (or have points taken from) by completing any of the familiar Achievements below.

The Winner gets bragging rights, while also getting to decide the upcoming Wild Card Segment topic!

Also, be sure to head over to the Friends Cup leader board to catch up with any updates on the progress of the Friends' year-long prediction competition!


Wins the Rumble (+7)
Clears the Ring (+5)
Most Eliminations (+3)
Longest Run Time (+3)
Slides under the bottom rope to escape the ring but avoid elimination (+1)
Avoids Elimination Acrobatically (+1)
Comes back in after being eliminated to eliminate someone else (-1)
Gets Eliminated by Multiple Wrestlers (-1)
Shortest Run Time (-3)
Hides from the Rumble for majority of the match (-3)
Goes for a finisher instead of an elimination (-5)
Jerry Lawler pick (-7)


Andy Blake Erik
1: CM Punk +3 2: Seth Rollins 5: Kane -6
4: Cody Rhodes 3: Damien Sandow 6: Alexander Rusev -1
7: Jack Swagger 11: Dean Ambrose 8: Kofi Kingston +1
14: Kevin Nash 12: Dolph Ziggler 9: Jimmy Uso
16: The Great Khali -1 13: R-Truth 10: Goldust
24: JBL -3 17: Sheamus 15: Roman Reigns +3
26: Ryback 18: The Miz 19: Fandango
28: Batista +7 23: Jey Uso 20: El Torito
29: Big E Langston 25: Erick Rowan 21: Antonio Cesaro
30: Rey Mysterio 27: Alberto Del Rio -5 22: Luke Harper
Total Total Total
6 -5 -3


Tiebreaker #1 Andy Blake Erik
Surprise Entrant Papa Shango Hulk Hogan Chris Jericho
Tiebreaker #2 Andy Blake Erik
NXT Participant Bo Dallas Adrian Neville Alexander Rusev

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