Friday, January 10, 2014

Presenting: The Shammies! (Blake's Edition)

In lieu of a regular episode this week, your favorite Friends have decided to treat you with a version of their very-own year-end awards, the SHAMMIES! Wrestling With Friends recently got together to create some awards that truly represented the product (mainly WWE), rather than the sham that is the WWE's Slammy Awards; though they still opted to shine a light on some of the more positive events later on. But that wasn't enough fun.
We cap off this action-packed week with a BANG! (DDP Style) and a few of Blake's choices. Be prepared to hear the Friends duke it out on the show as to who is the truly deserving winner (or loser) of the Shammy Awards!

Most Screwed Over Wrestler (DDP in WCW Award)

Loser: Damien Sandow

I don't know what Damien Sandow did to wind up in the fresh hell of a Great Khali feud, but one thing for sure is that his character is in free fall right now. Everything seemed to be going well for the Intellectual Savior. Even after coming up short in his title opportunity against a returning Super Cena, he still seemed to be tapped for something bigger. He came out week after week claiming he'd be the superstar to finally take down Cena by taking away the World Heavyweight Championship from him. Unfortunately, that career defining feud silently dissolved and the last Raw of 2013 featured the kickoff of a program with the Great Khali. What the hell happened?

Dammit, We're Going to Make This Work!!! (Vince McMahon Award)

Loser: Sin Cara

There was so much hype around Mistico's acquisition a few years ago, but that hype may have been his downfall. The WWE Universe was expecting the world from Sin Cara's eventual debut, but due to a variety of reasons that I don't care to get into (Botch Cara), things didn't work out quite how they were planned. WWE management at first did their best to ignore the problem, even finding a scapegoat in Chavo Guerrero. The problems didn't go away, however. Sin Cara never really settled into a groove in the WWE like most had hoped, and not only did his problems persist, they seemed to only get worse. After a fair amount of unspectacular matches and a few injuries, the writing most definitely was on the wall. The mask apparently seems to be more important than the man, because even though Mistico was finally sent back to Mexico, the character remains. With Hunico back under the mask, as well as under those damn yellow lights, Sin Cara seems to be getting another push. Maybe this time he'll finally catch on. I doubt it.

Get the F' off My TV!!! (Buff Bagwell Award)

Loser: All Authority Figures

This goes for both WWE and TNA. Stop trying to chase the magic that was the Vince/Austin angle back in the '90's. It's never going to happen again. There's the power couple of Triple H and Stephanie, both Raw and Smackdown GM's, Kane's position as the Director of Operations, and of course Vince is always lurking in the back back somewhere. That's not even counting JBL's role as GM of NXT. Holy crap! Over on TNA, Dixie Carter loves taking up too much TV time trying to get her new character over. It might come as a surprise to both companies, I tune in each week with the sole purpose to watch wrestling. Don't get me wrong, if you can add something to the show, by all means, do it, but don't waste time that could be better spent actually getting talent over.

Worst Moment of the Year (Vince Russo Award)

Loser: The Rock winning the WWE Championship from CM Punk

This may be the mark in me coming out, but The Rock shouldn't have been the one to break Punk's historic title reign. First, I still don't know what Dwayne did to deserve a title match. I know that's probably asking a little much from the WWE, but the logic, or lack there of, behind it hurts my head. Regardless of that, The Rock's title reign was terrible. He was barely ever on the show, and even when he was, of course he didn't wrestle. Not only that, but they missed a golden opportunity to make another top star. Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, all superstars I felt were on the brink of breaking into the main event, and a solid feud with a heel Punk could have been enough to put them over. I get it, WWE wanted to set up a Rock/Cena Wrestlemania rematch, but it was a rematch I didn't care to see. To me, making a new top guy is more profitable in the long run than just cashing in on The Rock again. I'm not saying that the Rock couldn't have been involved in Wrestlemania, I just feel that he didn't need to be in the title picture. Maybe I'm the only one.

...and now, the Good...


Favorite Angle

Winner: The Brotherhood vs The Authority

During the brief moment the Authority angle was actually entertaining, the bright spot for me was the ongoing trials and tribulations of the Rhodes family. Not only did this angle finally get Cody to the level I felt he should have been at a year ago, it also brought Goldust back into the spotlight and gave him his shot at redemption. The Cody/Orton match that saw Cody fired was amazing, and the following Goldust/Orton was arguably even better. Since the angle's conclusion, Cody and Goldust are only making the tag team division that much better, and even though their title reign is probably coming to an end soon, I loved every minute of their success.

Favorite Match

Winner: Undertaker vs CM Punk

The controversial build to this match was unnecessary. Fans were already on board from the first whisper of "The Best in the World" versus "The Phenom." The story was already there. Punk wanted to prove he was actually the best by finally breaking Undertaker's streak. Everything they added with Paul Bearer was not only classless, regardless of if they got permission from the family or not, but not needed. Despite that, the match was amazing. It started off slow, much like any match involving either superstar, but it quickly picked up like we all knew it would. There was only one way their story could end. Punk stole the urn that was assumed to contain Bearer's ashes, but clearly the Undertaker would get his urn back in the end. That knowledge didn't make that match any less of a nail biter, and it wasn't until the Undertaker sat up in the Anaconda Vice were we ever really certain. The match stole the show, and made everything else seem mediocre by comparison.

Favorite Moment

Winner: Dolph Ziggler winning the World Heavyweight Championship

Del Rio was not getting over as a babyface and Jack Swagger was still not living up to his potential. They put on an alright match at Wrestlemania and a throw away match the night after on Raw. The universe was more than ready for something new. So when Ziggler's music hit after Swagger had finished dismantling Del Rio, the entire crowd stood up, started paying attention, and cheered their asses off. It didn't matter that Ziggler was supposed to be a heel. The crowd was ready to see Mr. Money in the Bank finally take his rightful place as Champion and finally become the top star that we all thought he should be. I don't know if it was him finally cashing in his contract and getting his hands on gold, the roar of the crowd as they unleashed the biggest pop in recent memory, or a combination of the two, but it was a moment I won't be soon forgetting!

Wrestler of the Year

Winner: Daniel Bryan

2013 didn't go out like WWE fans hoped it would. Not only was Daniel Bryan not the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he wasn't anywhere near it. Despite that, to me, 2013 was all about D-Bry. As one half of Team Hell No, he and Kane held the gold (or bronze?) for a big chunk of 2013. In singles competition, Bryan was untouchable and always brought his "A" game. Not only did he compete on both Raw and Smackdown each week, but it wasn't rare to see Bryan in more than one match in a single evening. He also beat Cena clean on the second biggest PPV of the year, which is something that rarely happens. It was a big year for him, and as long as he's still employed by the WWE, I think there's always a chance we'll see him wearing the big, gold "W."

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