Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It Began with a List...

Ages ago, before time or space existed, it was foretold that at some inexact point, 3 beings from a tiny floating pebble in the grand Universe would get together to create a force unlike any ever seen before.

This is not a tale about those 3 beings. 

Instead, this is just about 3 dudes who like wrestling and shooting the shit about it. One dude actually writes a half-respectable column on Bleacher Report, another dude creates multi-verses in his video game realm to make up for the lack of any creative present-day product, and one just likes to make people listen to his voice. Combine the 3, and you have...  

Wrestling With Friends: A modern-day wrestling themed podcast that features 3 friends, talking over 3 segments, and all being from 3 different walks of life. How did it all begin, you may be asking? Well, now you're just getting nosy, but if you'd like it all in a little Hornswoggle-sized nutshell, here it is. It began with a list...
Andy, Blake and Erik have been fond of wrestling for a time. A long time. And in that time, they've gathered up many different views, ideas, and most importantly, nostalgia for days of wrestling past. What's the best way for our modern age to wrap up an entire lifespan's worth of emotions, unforgettable events, and life-altering moments? The answer is: put it in a list. Professional wrestling is full of them. You can't turn a corner in the pro wrestling world without either seeing someone doing an El Dandy impression, or a bulleted list of the best/worst/sexiest/sluttiest/grossest/ugliest/fattest/funniest people or moments in wrestling history. 

The challenge that was proposed, then, wasn't to out-do these lists of greatest champions, or worst gimmicks; instead, it was to simply put in a list our subjectively favorite wrestlers, and argue their importance in the wrestling pantheon. And what better venue to make this argument, than in front of a bunch of unwitting, uncaring, but unable to do anything about it, listeners? Thus, Wrestling With Friends was born. Where others have wrestling podcasts, or life podcasts, these 3 Friends have a fun podcast. You'll hear current news from the major promotions. You'll hear a rotating monthly segment of people, gimmicks and moments that skewed our wrestling viewpoints for better or worse. And, of course, you'll hear each of us run down a wrestler on our separate Top 100 lists each week. 

What's in it for you? A good time, of course. 

Now can you dig that, suckers?